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Notice : Due to the suspension of power, therecreation club will be closed on20th July, 2014 (Sunday)
We are sorry for any inconvenient that may cause

特別通告: 因停電關係, 本會遊樂部將於 , 本會遊樂部將於下列日期暫停開放2014 年 7 月 20 日 (星期日)
不便之處, 敬請見諒


Featuring beautiful campuses in Hong Kong, Petworld Resort is not your typical kennel or boarding facility. Instead, Petworld Resort was created exclusively to provide superior services for dogs who deserve much, much more.

Petworld Resort has been the standard of excellence for lodging, doggie daycare, pet grooming & styling, and professional training. Our beautifully appointed resort offers:

Fun activity packages with group play or swimming daycare
Premier suites with Kuranda orthopedic bed, gourmet treats
Supervised doggie daycare programs with large outdoor pavilions and grassy play yards
Large outdoor and grassy play yards
Professional pet stylists that will have your dag looking Terrific and feeling special.
Expert obedience training puppy classes, lodge and learn Programs, private lesson, and more
Trans”paw”tation service provide, charged by locations


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